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Holistic Physiotherapy Robotic Technology
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Family Use

iRelaxBot benefits all family members from the teenagers to the elders. It keeps the whole family's healthy and care everyone's mentality. e


Gym&Athlete Rehabilitation Center

ThFor the athlete and Fitness enthusiast, iRelaxBot helps to relieve the muscles problems and keep the bone and body a balance always.



To keep youthful both in mentality and body, iRelaxBot is the priority choice. It stimulates cell viability and accelerate blood circulation. After using six months, looks more than ten years younger. 


Nursing Homes and Rehabilitation Centers

For iRelaxBot's especial design, it always cares about spine healthy.It aims to improve the patient's self-healing ability through specific frequency vibration and infrared hyperthermia. 


“Hi Everyone, Being in my mid 50's. Working as a General Contractor and an Real Estate Executive behind a desk most of the time but, have to climb a roof or two every couple of weeks. I develop so pain during the week. So, I take the opportunity and went to see Sara with pain in my back between the shoulder blades and lower back. After a 30 minutes session. All my pain was gone. I felt like a new man and ready to do almost anything. Now, I almost try to go once a week or every other week. Thank you Sara, I feel like a younger and wiser man because of you! Mark M"

Mark McEntyre/ Real Estate /General Manager

“This treatment is very good for me because we want to have another baby, after this treatment, we feel very comfortable, and it works for us. My heart is releasing, and my back is not so painful, I want to be a better woman and live longer. "

GuiPing / Seminary/ Student

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