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It is not recommended to use or use under professional guidance if you have following status:

1. People with heart stents or bypass surgery should not use it.

2. People who have been with steel plates and nails should not use it.

3. People who have undergone orthopedic surgery within 1 year;

4. People who have done common surgery (rhinoplasty including hyaluronic acid injection, nasal synthesis, etc., autologous fat filling, breast augmentation, caesarean section) cannot be used within half a year;

5. Pregnant women cannot use it;

6. Patients with severe hypertension and heart disease cannot use;

7. Children: not available for children under the age of 6;

8. Not available to drunk people;

9. Patients with severe osteoporosis (people who are slightly stressed and will fracture, regardless of age) cannot use it;

10. Not suitable for patients with epilepsy;

11. Not available for cancer patients;

12. Use with caution in patients with thrombosis

  • If you have a serious physical reaction during the use of iRelaxBot robot, it means that your body has serious health problems, and you need to check it in time; it also shows that iRelaxBot has a significant impact on your physical health. Very good rehabilitation conditioning and repair effect but need to adjust the frequency of use based on physical experience.

  • The transition of a human body from a sick state to a healthy state needs to go through a process: sick state---treatment period---rehabilitation period---conditioning and repair period---maintenance period---healthy state. During each process, there will be some reactions in the body. Don't be nervous, communicate with the sales or service agency in time to facilitate better use.

Precautions Before Use

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